Castle Forest Queen Escape Game

Castle Forest Queen Escape

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The medieval castle is a very successful kingdom in the land had never encountered such a problem such as this before, for the queen who went to the magical forest just got held against her will there! The queen always comes in the place just to admire the strangeness of that wilderness whenever the kingdom is at peace, but then the problem came and almost half of the castle-guards have set out to find the queen before it is too late for her. One of the knights of the kingdom was very active in finding the queen for he had once been held there in that forest and with the help of the king, he was saved. Now he must repay that debt by helping his wife the queen.

That royal knight was Leonard and he is now on the move in the forest staying silent and hearing everything there, that is one way to locate someone in distress especially if they are screaming for help. Leonard must use what he knows of the forest and escape players, you are very welcome to join him here for the rescue of the queen.

Check-out this challenge everyone and may the forest be slack with you. Castle Forest Queen Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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