Cascade Hill Forest Escape Game

Cascade Hill Forest Escape

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You couldn't believe what they were saying about Cascade Hill Forest. The rumor was that a famous drama filmed there. And there were talks about using the same location for another drama. You were living a few kilometers away from the forest. However, you hadn't stepped on its grounds yet. You never though of it as something so interesting before hearing the rumors. To prove the stories going around, you watched the drama. You were to look for the scenes showing the forest. However, you weren't expecting to be hooked to the story and the characters. So instead of going to the place after finding it in the drama, you finished the whole story first. Somehow you had more reasons to visit Cascade Hill. One of the highlights of the drama happened here. And it was thrilling for you to be in the same exact location.

You went there with your camera. You planned to capture the same shots found in the drama to prove the stories. However, you didn't expect the place to be very wide. You were able to find the filming locations within the forest. But you weren't able to mark the route out of the place. Play Cascade Hill Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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