Can You Escape Ruined Building Game

Can You Escape Ruined Building

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You're new to real estate. But instead of asking someone who already had a lot of knowledge, you want to learn things on your own. So you look for buildings that you can buy. You see this abandoned building everyday. There were a couple of people looking at the property a few weeks ago. And you thought they'll be renovating the building soon. Then again, you haven't seen them again. You're thinking they might have lost interest with it. You call up the owner of the place and you're waiting for some discussions before being able to acquire the property. But the owner readily accepts your offer. You're wondering if you should be more careful with your decisions. Yet this is a good deal that you can't let go. Before making the payment, you ask the owner if you can visit the place.

The owner only said to consider the place as yours. So you go there to check on some things that might need repair or if you should replace everything. It has a wide space and there are still some stuffs inside. You look around some more until you can't remember the points where you made your turns. Play Can You Escape Ruined Building room escape game by 5n Games.

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