Camel’s Release Desert Discovery

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June’s camel went missing and that’s why he is in the desert today trying to look for it, it is kind of windy and trails disappear quickly there, that’s why he has no clue exactly of where his camel is, but he knows he’ll find it.

As June kept searching and searching, he finally found it! But now he found-out why this animal didn’t come home, for something was binding its hind legs and it couldn’t move from this spot where it was. June didn’t expect this, who owns this trap anyways? Escape players, now June needs to rescue his camel, but he is going to need some things to do this without injuring the animal, will you help him find these things?

Camel’s Release Desert Discovery is the newest point-and-click desert animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Camel’s Release Desert Discovery

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