Black Slavonian Pig Escape

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The land here will be very good for Kieth’s new Slavonian pig, this is the first time he’ll be taking in a new type of pig here in his farm, so he isolated it in a different pen from his resident ones. A month passed and everything seems to be going well, maybe it’s time to place this pig of his near his other ones? But he needs to find the key to the new pig’s pen though for it is currently lost.

Escape players, this problem is now taking a lot of Kieth’s time and he can’t dwell in this, for he has a lot of chores to tend to here today. Would you like to help Kieth on this so he can finally transfer his pig?

Black Slavonian Pig Escape is the newest point-and-click animal escape game from Fastrack Games.

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Walkthrough video for Black Slavonian Pig Escape

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3 months ago

Thank you, Fastrack Games! When I saw this hut, I almost had a nostalgic tear. These are the kind of drawings G4K made in their early days, when they could still make games. I realize that for Fastrack Games, as well as for most players, my words are just empty words. After all, they’ve all never seen similar, yet GOOD games, so they’re used to thinking THIS is good.

3 months ago

Yet another awful ‘stick things on walls’ game. The closing credit describes this as a ‘Jolly’ game, by the way.