Beautiful Beach Game

Beautiful Beach

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The beach is the people's go-to place during summer. This makes the place crowded and you don't like that. You want to relax but you can't do that if there are so many people chattering around. So for this year's summer, you went into an adventure to look for a private beach. You rode on your boat and not far away from the public beach, you found the most beautiful beach in the island. The sand is so fine and the water is perfect. You lay down and enjoyed the sound of the waves. Another good thing about this beach are the coconut trees. However, those coconuts can't fill your hungry stomach so you decided to go back to the public beach. But when you rode on your boat, the motor didn't work. That boat is the only way to escape from this beautiful beach.

Because of this, you have to look for objects that you can use to fix your boat so you can escape. There are also clues that can help you. All you have to do is to look for those and use your logic to solve this puzzle. Play this new outdoor escape game by Sellfdefiant for Mouse City and escape from the Beautiful Beach. Have fun!


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