The Beacon Hill - Mr Joseph Game

The Beacon Hill - Mr Joseph

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Mr. Joseph from The Beacon Hill is the kindest man that you ever know. He is always there whenever you need him. Even though he is old, you can always count on him. He is like your grandfather so you always check on him in his house. He is living alone so you want to make sure that he is fine every now and then. In fact, you bring him freshly baked bread every morning. You have the key to his house because you are very close. However, that key is missing. That is the only key that Mr. Joseph has. Without that key, you can't enter his house but the worse is, he can't get out from there. Because of that, you have to do your best to find the missing key. Thankfully, there are so many hints that can help you to locate it.

You have to remember that Mr. Joseph always needs fresh air so he has to get out from his house as soon as possible. Logic is very important for you to solve this puzzle quickly. The Beacon Hill - Mr Joseph is the newest point and click outdoor escape game by Enagames. Best of luck!

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