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You want to visit every state in America and Atlanta is your next destination. You heard so many great things about the place and all of those are exciting. In fact, you made your own itinerary for the day. But looks like you will have to scratch those plans because there is a problem that you have to solve right now. You forgot to bring a map and because of that, you don't know which way to go. Thankfully, there are so many good citizens that are willing to help you out. But before they can help you, you also have to help them. They have errands to manage and you have to help them before they hand you clues. This is the puzzle that you have to solve very quickly because you only have a limited time to stay in Atlanta.

On the good note, there are objects around the place that you can pick up. Aside from your logic, those objects can help you to solve the puzzles that you will encounter. This brand new room escape game is by Hooda Math for Selfdefiant. Play this fun-filled escape game and find a way to escape from Atlanta. Good luck!

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