Aquarium 2024

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Olive and her friends had a crazy fun time in the city’s aquarium here, the day had been fun for all of them, but something happened though and now Olive is in a bit of a problem which she needs to take care of.

Olive couldn’t find her friends no more and she is now roaming around the park looking for them but to no avail! Olive thought about if she got abandoned by her friends, but that’s not normal for them for they are even doing a head-count when they go around. Escape players, Olive must continue to find her friends for they might be going further, maybe they are in the other part of the aquarium and if that’s the case then she needs to ride a car to there. Will you help Olive here?

Aquarium 2024 is the newest point-and-click park escape game from Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Aquarium 2024

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