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Annabelle Escape

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You're an actor who's quite big in the showbiz industry already. Everybody is simply impressed with your acting skills. You have many offers lining up and your manager urges you to pick a drama this time. You raise your brows at his suggestion. However, he says he wants you to be someone who's versatile as well. So he chooses a project about a father and son. You practice the line so diligently at home. As an actor, it's very important for you deliver the line along with the emotions it should have. Then your manager calls you to remind of your meeting with the producers. You will have to read the lines to them to make sure you portray the character well. However, instead of hearing the usual praises, what you're hearing are tips to improve. You instantly feel frustrated but your manager calms you down.

After leaving the place, he suggests you visit a father and son to have a feel of how it's like. You agree to his suggestions and meet the father and son who's at the cemetery at the moment. It should be the best place to practice your grief. But instead, you find yourself looking for items and solving puzzles for their escape. Play Annabelle Escape room escape game by Ajaz Games.

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