Ancient Egyptian Tomb Escape Game

Ancient Egyptian Tomb Escape

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You are ready to discover something new today. You are always at the top of your history class. But that would not make sense if you can't see the history personally. Your favorite topic is the Ancient Egyptian era and everything about it. So you went to Egypt with your notes to see everything first hand. It really fascinates you to see the Ancient Egyptian Tomb. But because of this fascination, you didn't notice the "Caution: Do not touch" sign. You went for it and you didn't expect what happened next. The ancient tomb broke and the mummy came to life. You thought that this thing only happens at the movie but it's real. Everything went in total fiasco after that. You have to find your way out of this pyramid and don't let the mummy catch you.

But for you to do this, you must solve all the puzzles inside the pyramid. You have read something about these puzzles but it's your first time to encounter one. Because of this, you have to use your logic in any way you can. Ancient Egyptian Tomb Escape is the newest room escape game from Genie Fun Games that you will surely enjoy. Have fun!

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