Allure Escape – Greece

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Today is your last day with your parents’ last name. You can’t believe a simple accident can lead you to this day. Your friend treats you to a Greek island a day before the wedding. She said she wants to make everything special on your wedding day. Likewise she wants you to be away from the stresses of wedding preparations. While taking in the amazing view of your location, your mind wanders back to the day you met your future husband. You’re visiting a country for the first time. You can read the words but you don’t know what they mean. You’re so focused on trying to get the meaning of the words that you didn’t see the person in front of you. You bumped into him and your phone fell to the ground. He stepped back to see who bumped him when he stepped on your phone.

You cried at the sight of your broken phone. Your only source of information was through the phone. Fortunately, he understands your language and he helped you throughout your trip. It is such an amazing memory that you can’t help but revisit often. You snap out of your reminiscing when you hear our phone beeping. You look at it to see your mom asking where you are. You’re now in panic mode as you find your own way out of the place. Allure Escape – Greece is an outdoor escape game by Mouse City.