Allure Escape – Beachfront

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The beauty of the beach makes you sing the lyrics of “Lava”. You can’t stop humming the song as you walk along the shores. Your feet keep on splashing the water everywhere. And you are having the time of your life. Everything is so peaceful. So you walk towards the benches, lie down, and close your eyes. The soft breeze keeps on blowing on your face and you smile at the bright sun. Suddenly, you hear a loud bell. You’re thinking it might be for eating time just like the recess bell. However, it keeps on ringing and ringing. You open your eyes and look around. Then you see many people running towards the shore and into boats. You have no idea when all of these happened. So you try to talk to someone and ask him about what’s happening. But they are all running so fast.

You step back and watch where they are heading. All of the people are running away from the island. You look back and see the volcano smoking. And then you start to panic as well. You run around but the boats are going away with every blink of an eye. Will you be successful in Allure Escape – Beachfront outdoor escape game by Mouse City?