Winter Forest Escape 2 Game

Winter Forest Escape 2

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An old woman and his daughter are gathering berries and mushrooms in the woods. They are selling homemade jam and meals to pilgrims on the way to an ancient temple in the heart of the woodlands. Sometimes, the pilgrims themselves would ask for shelter and the mother and daughter directs them to the room adjacent to their home. Soon, the pair are receiving gifts from visitors because of their kindness. The old woman's daughter is very beautiful as she is kind.

Finally, men took notice and start asking the mother for her hand. However, she always tells them the same thing. It is her daughter's choice and that they must win her heart instead. Nobody else knew that the daughter hides an astounding intelligence. She gives tests to every man who dares ask for her. Since then, nobody has passed them. A young hunter seeks for her hand next and is given a difficult test of finding them the most useful creature in the woods. Only them she will marry him if he passes the test.




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  1. Date: January 17, 2015
    Author: vcam
    As usual I love the images--wonderful woodpecker, great snow scenes. I had a problem matching symbols with the "planets" and although they matched (i didn't place them in order by the way but they were all matched), that site would not open for me. So I couldn't finish the game. But exquisite photos which I loved. VCAM

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