White Rabbit Escape Game

White Rabbit Escape

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You saw a white rabbit in a cage. As an animal lover you unlocked the cage and let it go without someone seeing you. The rabbit sneak inside a house and as you follows it, you regret why you didn’t just carry it and send it to the safest place instead. A child shouted and was so afraid by the rabbit that you hear a broom hits the vase and everything in the house. You want to go inside and stop the kids from what they’re doing but you’re more than afraid if they will see you as a burglar. How can you help the rabbit escape? In this game created by WoW Escape you need to help the rabbit escape from this mean kids. Good luck!

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  1. Date: August 6, 2016
    Author: dewed
    It messed up. A lily pad stuck to my cursor and I couldn't do anything after that.

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