Toon Escape Water Park Game

Toon Escape Water Park

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Your friends fetched you at your house to go to the park. This seems very exciting because you love the green grass and the fresh air. You can also picture the picnic vibes at the park so you brought a picnic basket and some fruits. However, your friend passed by the green park. You told your friend about that but he said that you were not heading for that one. You sat at the car quietly but your eyes dilated when you saw the Water Park. There's no doubt that you love parks but not this one. You have a hydrophobia which means that you are afraid of the water. This can't be happening but you can't be a bummer. You have to go with the flow, at the same time, you have to start to think of a way on how to escape from this park. 

Your friends were changing their swimsuits and this is the perfect time to escape. You have to be quick and look for clues that can help you with your situation. Toon Escape Water Park is the newest outdoor escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Play this exciting point n' click escape game and use your logic to escape. Have fun! 


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