German Shepherd Escape Game

German Shepherd Escape

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German shepherd is one of the famous breeds of dogs. However, many of the people think that they are wild and vicious. They don't know that this dog is loyal and protective so are so happy to keep one. You wish that people know how kind and sweet these dogs are but their minds are close with this concept. This is the reason why your neighbors always target your dog. They see the german shepherd as a threat and you think that it's unfair for you and your pet. Because of this, you kept your dog in the dog house to keep him away from the neighbors. You thought that your dog is safe but the next morning, your dog is not there anymore. You overheard that one neighbor brought him to the forest.

From there, you realized that people are more vicious than the dog. You love your dog so much so you have to find him and help him to escape. He must be really scared right now so you have to hurry up. Play German Shepherd Escape outdoor escape game from 8b Games and look for hints that can lead you to where your dog is. Best of luck!

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