Stir Puzzle Home Escape Game

Stir Puzzle Home Escape

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Stir Puzzle Home Escape is a point and click escape game from The Escape Games. Imagine you had been working for a pharmaceutical factory for years. One day you managed to develop a medicine which was able to cure the cancer. It had a malicious side effect because as the results of the experiments became available for you it turned out that as the cancer started to cease in a human body the remedy caused a new and more lethal illness. On a friday night after you get home from the work you noticed something strange at home. One window was open however you closed all of them before you left in the morning. Suddenly you heared a noise behind you and you were hit on your head. You fell unconscious and woke up a couple of hours later, locked inside a room and your documents about the medicine was missing, somebody stole it unaware of its risks. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!



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