Space Survival Escape Day 2 Game

Space Survival Escape Day 2

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Space Survival Escape Day 2 is a game from Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Assume you have been working for years for a company which deals with development of space shuttles. One day an ingenious engineer find out the solution how to build a gate which could replace the spaceships and could teleport people onto the Moon or other planets. Nobody was bold enough to be a volunteer and try out the machine first. You took on the task and entered through the gate. There was a remote control with you which could be used in case of problem and you could call for a spacecraft with it to rescue you. Entering to the machine you fell unconscious and you woke up on a strange planet. You put this remote control onto a table in a house. Hours later your oxigen started to run out faster than you expected so you wanted to call for help but was not able to find this device. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to find this table and get it back. Good luck and have fun!



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