Statue Park Escape Game

Statue Park Escape

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This statue park is so cool. There are lots of mime artists in here but what's cooler are the ones who act as a statue. For only a dollar, you can witness the greatness of these statues. But something naughty came in your mind. Instead of giving a penny, you took a penny away from the statue. You thought that the would not react at all but you are wrong. They stood on their feet and tried to catch you around the park. Luckily, you found a safe hiding spot. However, you know that you can't hide in there forever. You need to find a way to escape from the Statue Park. A strategy is very important for you to escape so you have to use your logic. These statues are everywhere and they must never find you around the park.

You have to look around and find clues that can help you to your escape plan. These artists don't have a chill so you have to escape from there as quick as possible. Statue Park Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game by Avm Games. Roam around the park and find those clues to solve this puzzle. Good luck and have fun!

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