Sneaky Search Daisies Game

Sneaky Search Daisies

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You are the most famous florist in town. You have every flower that your customers want. But not only that, you can also arrange those flowers in any way possible. You've been in the business for so many years and the flow is really smooth. But not until this day. Daisy is a common flower so you believe that you always have it in your shop. A customer went to your flower shop today and ordered daisies. He plans to give this to his wife for their anniversary and you are glad to confirm the order. However, it's kinda late when you realized that you don't have daisies today. You can't cancel an order this late so you have to make a way to search for daisies. There is a garden on the block and you must go there to look for daisies.

The customer will pick up the order anytime soon so you have to double time. You have to do this for the reputation of your shop and for the healthy relationship of the couple. Daisies have many look alike so you have to be careful in picking it. Sneaky Search Daisies a brand new outdoor escape game from Selfdefiant for Melting Mindz. Enjoy!

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