Rescue The Goblin King Game

Rescue The Goblin King

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Lokal, the Goblin King has a very wise, ambitious and caring personality. The goblins used to live without any sign of organized system, they were divided into tribes with one or two chief in each. These tribes were usually in war with eachother. When Lokal reached the right age, he was elected as the leader of his tribe, the Red Skulls. As the head of the biggest tribe, he decided it was a good chance to unify the tribes and form a nation. It was extremely imprtant at the time, because it seemed that the orcs wanted to take lands from the weakened goblins who were busy with fighting eachother. Lokal succeeded with his plans and created a strong kingdom. However, this new system is still not very stable and is strongly concentrated on Lokal. He's the one holding everything together. The orcs saw this and kidnapped him in the hope of pushing the goblins into chaos. We have to rescue him and put him back to the throne.


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