Picture of Sea Room Escape Game

Picture of Sea Room Escape
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Picture of Sea Room Escape is the latest Japanese point and click game from Yomino Kagura. Imagine in this game you are an ocean researcher who had been studying a strange fish which could be found just in a special part of the ocean. You had been in that small area several times and managed to catch a specimen in order to study it in your laboratory. One day you were working next to its aquarium, examining a small piece from its skin under the microscope when suddenly you heared a big thud. You turned around and glanced the aquarium was broken and the fish was stuggling on the floor to reach water. You wanted to run out with it to release him in your pool outside but appallingly found the entrance locked and the keys were missing. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out and save the life of the fish. Have fun!



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