Old Square Escape Game

Old Square Escape

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Your journey led you to this square. You already knew that this square was not like any squares you've been to before. It had something unique and interesting although you couldn't quite point out what. You reached this square after traveling for a few days. You were hoping to reach your destination soon but you were not in a hurry. There were so many beautiful things you could discover if you just took your time to notice them. So you chose this square for a little rest. But since it gave off a weird vibe, you couldn't help but explore it a little more. Then you found yourself facing some strange symbols on the wall and some objects scattered on the place. You knew very well that these were not here for no reason at all. So before touching anything, you made sure that no trap were around.

However, you didn't know that the moment you entered the square, you were already trapped. The mechanisms moved on their own when you stepped inside. And now you have to find your way out so you can continue discovering more and more of the world you're living in. Play Old Square Escape outdoor escape game by 365 Escape.

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