Mirchi Escape Times Square Game

Mirchi Escape Times Square

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30th day of the month is so exciting! It’s the best day where big discounts and sales are being advertised at the mall. You drive home to change and get your credit card. Getting ready for a shopping, you enter the Time Square, roam around and check every sale they have. Fit the dresses, footwear’s, T-shirts and even bags. Seems like you’re full of energy and you didn’t feel any tiredness with your legs. You checked 15 good dresses and went to the fitting room until you don’t realize the store is closed. Finally you’ve made a decision which stuffs you’ll buy, when you go outside the fitting room everybody is gone and you left there alone. Too shame to call the police with your carelessness you decided to check everything and find a way to go home. In this game by Mirchi Games you need to focus and come out before the time square opens again. Don’t let anyone know you’re trapped or else you’ll be the highlight of tomorrow’s news paper. Good luck!

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  1. Date: July 25, 2016
    Author: dewed
    lol So the security guard can be bribed? Sounds about right.

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