Magical Myth 2 Game

Magical Myth 2

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In the enchanted forest of Duredain you are resurrected as a half-human, half-elf being. You scanned the place for the first time; it's filled with magical vines and carnivorous plant monsters. Then you tried to roam around a little and stumbled upon a very shiny rock--almost the size of a modern day smartphone--emitting a luminescent glow of pale amber. You gazed upon it and you noticed that something inside was moving. You rubbed the stone and shook it (as hard as you can) but it didn't seem to do anything. Only when you tried to hold it against the moonbeam that you noticed that it was showing you an image of a well with magenta-colored liquid, in the center of the well is a devilish form; a satanic entity in a lotus sitting position holding a hybrid of a snake and a dragon.

Look for clues in the forest in order to locate this mysterious well and discover the wonders that lie ahead. Journey on!


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