Magical Fantasia Animal Escape

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The wilderness here is not the usual one, for strange things lives there and even though some of such are docile, the others are not and meeting them could be the end of that someone. As an expert of the place, William knows a lot of the creatures there at least the ones that they can see clearly, he knows which are the ones that should be avoided and the ones that are safe. That’s why that day one of his hunter friends came to him for he just captured something he had never seen before.

Well whatever that is it could be very different for his friend here is also pretty experienced and his actions there is really telling something. William went to where this trap is and saw a creature he also haven’t seen before! It was some sort of bird which was very majestic and colorful, it looked like a phoenix minus the fire. Well it could be a phoenix and if it really is then they should free it, William is strongly feeling that so and that’s why he’ll do that. Escape players, William’s friend was okay with releasing this weird creature they haven’t seen before, but he will need extra help here in freeing it, so will you give them a hand here with this?

Magical Fantasia Animal Escape is another new point and click animal escape game made by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Magical Fantasia Animal Escape

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