Lonely House Escape Game

Lonely House Escape

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Imagine in this game you are a worker of a company which deals with spilling insecticides around the houses to deter every unpleasant insect. One day you got a phone call from a pensioner who allegedly suffered from cockroaches and ants. You were sent out to do your job and dispel these creatures from the house. When you arrived she escorted you inside the house and showed you the affected area. She left you alone until until you finished the work and she left to the pensioner's club. A couple of hours later when you were content with the results you were ready to leave but the old woman were not home yet. You left a piece of paper on the table and wanted to leave but found the entrance locked. You called her but she refused to pick up the phone. Fins hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out without waiting hours for her arrival. Good luck!


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