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Locked Sauna

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Your friend called you about her arranged marriage to a stranger. They're not rich and are actually quite poor. So they need all the money they can get and save. But it's very unfair for your friend to be married off. So you thought of a plan. You set up a date for her and the stranger just to get to know him. Then after the date, your friend will be free to be away from their home while the stranger goes on a vacation. You wanted to create an illusion that your friend ran away because of hard feelings. When in fact, she's just enjoying her day at the sauna. You dropped your friend at the sauna then you went home. She'll be staying with you for a while until her parents look for her. However, she didn't come home.

You thought she's just taking her time relaxing. But after a few more hours you began to worry. So you stepped out of your home and went to her location. You looked all around for her until you saw her in a locked specific area. You then started your rescue operation for your friend. Locked Sauna is a room escape game from First Escape Game where you have to help your friend get out from the mess she's in.

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