Fantastic Beach Resort Escape (Eight Games) Game

Fantastic Beach Resort Escape (Eight Games)

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"Wow. Fantastic baby! Dance!" you have this song on repeat in your car as you drive to your destination. You just recently received your bonus and your monthly salary came in as well. The amount you currently have is perfect for the vacation you dream of. And you can't get over the happiness of being finally able to do it. Upon arriving to the resort, you can't help but sing a little louder. You simply love your accommodation and it's just like the song, fantastic. So you walked around the area and your mouth and eyes grew wider and wider. The place was modernly designed with all the play of the colors of the lights. Add to that the addition of floor lights that added to the bling of the place. You went to your room to unpack without even bothering to look for the caretaker.

Upon seeing the room, you instantly plunged into the bed and looked up at the ceiling. You thought this is one of the best days of your life. You get to live in your dream house while living your dream. But you have a lot of other areas to explore so you went back down. But you feel something strange, like something's off. Play Fantastic Beach Resort Escape room escape game by Eight Games and discover the secrets of the place.

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