Kidnapped by Aliens Game

Kidnapped by Aliens

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The international space agency has been searching for signs of life through the universe since it's development about fifty years ago. We can't be sure about our dominance over the universe. Actually, in this game the aliens show up and claim sway over the Earth. They invade our planet with a significant amount of soldier. But the ingenuity of the human race is expressed with a great solution. We manage to kidnap their leader and demand the desertion of this planet in exchange for the leader. For our biggest surprise they get hold of some of prime ministers in response. Your task is to release them somehow. Best of luck!

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  1. Date: February 24, 2016
    Author: Celaena
    I really liked the concept of this game, but it was really difficult to figure out what your were supposed to do next without a walkthrough.
  2. Date: February 24, 2016
    Author: GMac
    This is an old game - it was posted on another game site in 2009. Not sure if I can post the name of the other site, but this is the walkthrough from there: -get map from under the bed -click on right side of cabinet to move it -click arrow to go into vent -go forward all the way until you get to the next room (note code on the wall in the vent) -use code on glass cabinet to get invisibility bracelet -get screwdriver from top drawer of desk -go all the way back to the first room -pick up triangle head that alien dropped and go back into vent -this time go forward then left, and use multidriver on the vent -notice which direction the little white dots are moving on the lasers -click on panel and rotate the circles in the direction of the white dots from top to bottom -lasers should be off now, take axe -go back to the office and use axe on glass cabinet to get strange device -go into items and look at strange device, note code and use on panel by the door -go to H2O room and pick up test tube -note the screen on the left hand side. click on pipes on the left and turn them until the right side of the screen looks like the left side of the screen -go to the lounge and click on the side of the left tv to move it, get key -go back to the h2o room and use the key on the box outside the room on the left hand side, get gem -go to the fusion lab and place the gem in the slot to start fusion -go back to the lounge and use the test tube collect orange liquid from the centre -go to laboratory and place orange liquid in the beaker, pick up glass block -in the hallway where the circular windows are, click on top middle one to drop glass rod on the floor, grab it -go back to the human pod and use test tube to get blue liquid from the toilet -place blue liquid in beaker as well, stir with glass rod to get purple liquid -go back to the H2O room and place glass block in wall panel by the door. The lasers are now off. Go to new room and collect green liquid in test tube. Use axe to smash crate and get rusty thing. Move barrel to get blow torch -go back to the lab and put green liquid in the round beaker next to your purple liquid. Pick up purple beaker and pour into green liquid to get pink stuff. Use blow torch on the glass cabinet to get device (it only tells you how to mix the liquids, so you don’t really need it at this point) -place the rusty thing in the pink liquid to clean it (to do this, select it in your inventory, then go back into your items and select pink liquid) -go back to the hallway and place clean shiny thing in the slot by the locked door. Click on the door and you’re out!

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