Japanese Restaurant Escape Game

Japanese Restaurant Escape

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Japanese Restaurant Escape - point and click game from Games 2 Attack. Imagine you had a terrible week at your workplace. Your boss determined soo tight deadlines for some work that on a friday afternoon you were fed up with the whole place and left the office hours before your working hours would had expired. You headed toward your favourite japanese restaurant in order to calm yourself down with a delicious sushi. When you arrived a familiar face welcomed you because you had been eating in this restaurant for years and the waiter had already made a relatively good friendship with you. After ordering the meal you sat down at the end of the bar and started to sip your relaxing japanese green tea. You became soo calmed you didn't even realize the place became empty, you were the only one in the restaurant. You set out to check what was behind this but found the entrance door locked. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out. Good luck and have fun!



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