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Jail Escape 4
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After all your positive mantras to escape the jail, it still ended in vain. Sometimes it make you think that you're meant to be here. Maybe this is your new home where you have a lot of guards for your safety 24/7. Also, you don't have to think about expenses since everything is free here. Food's free. But you have to work on some chores for yourself. This is somehow better than working for someone else. Outfits are also matching here so you don't have to think about fashion sense. All of these thoughts circulated inside your mind as you sit on your chair thinking of your failed attempt. You sighed to let all your frustrations out. Suddenly one of your neighbors called out to you. He's asking about your attempt then he laughed out loud. You can't blame him, that was your third attempt with not much luck.

A few moments ago, you were almost ready to give it all up. But after hearing the jeering from your neighbors, your fire for escape ignited once more. This is no way to live for you. There is a much wider world out there. Play Jail Escape 4 room escape game by 5n Games.

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