Hooda Escape California Game

Hooda Escape California

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"Welcome to the Hotel California!" you shout out in excitement. It's been months since you last saw you friends. You're apart from each other since you found your careers on different places. But when you're in college, you're like family. You always have each other's back and you can't let any one of you feel left out. So until now, you still have that strong connection that binds all of you together. One of your friends working in California invites you over. You've been here a number of times. However, you're always with your other friends that you don't mind taking note of the directions. You simply go with their flow. They don't mind as well so you just kept on travelling this way. You went to many places around California. Even of places you've never been to. And you can't count the turns you made.

Then, after a few hours, your friends decided to go home. They are in a hurry but you still want to stay a little longer. So they leave without you. You only spent a couple of minutes with your friend when he suddenly receives a call making him leave as well. Now you have to find your way home alone. Hooda Escape California is an outdoor escape game by Selfdefiant.

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