Gold Box Rescue Stone Forest Game

Gold Box Rescue Stone Forest

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The first time you're in the forest, you saw a bird with a broken wing. You brought it with you to a veterinarian. The bird regained its strength. But just when you thought you'll have a friend, you need to set it free. And so it flew away. A panther greeted you on your second visit. It was about to attack you. But then it was caught in the net set by hunters. You called for a wildlife organization to sort things out. You're actually hoping to find something that's shining and glittering and expensive. You're hoping it's like the ones in the movies. But so far, all you have are these animals which is not totally surprising. Yet you're not giving up on finding something else on your third visit to the forest. You wish you can ignore the animals.

But nope. Your heart still belongs to them. Fortunately, no animals so far need your help during your visit. Suddenly, you saw something rolling towards your direction. You don't really know what to do with it but it stopped at your feet. You bent down to pick it up and it opened to be a map. Start following the trail to your treasure. Gold Box Rescue Stone Forest is an outdoor escape game by Knf Games.


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