Gods Tomb Escape Game

Gods Tomb Escape

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It's Easter and it's time to reflect on Christ's life. You want to know more about Easter so you went to the holy tomb. It is indeed nice to go there and see the place first hand. You feel like every moment is a blessing plus you get the chance to see the holy place. There are rocks all over the place and all of those are really heavy. Because of this, you wondered how He escaped from the tomb so you tried to reenact the moment. But it's not as easy as it looks like. He is indeed holy and Easter is really a miracle because no matter how hard you try, you cannot move the rock.

How he escaped is a mystery but how you can escape is not. There are lots of clues that can help you to escape from the tomb. You just have to focus to find those clues. You might also need objects that you can use to unblock the way so look for items around the place and use it to escape. Gods Tomb Escape room escape game from WoW Escape is a gift from above that you would surely enjoy. Have fun!

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