Bunny Cake Room Escape Game

Bunny Cake Room Escape

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Your friend Bunny Cake was not named Bunny Cake for no reason. From the moment she was born, she fell in love with cakes. Literally, she fell face first on a cake. But instead of crying, she giggled and giggled. Her parents were surprised yet delighted. Everything about her is sweet. She's like a ray of sunshine during a very dark and cold weather. And her happiness is simply contagious. But Bunny Cake is not perfect. At times, she can't stop herself from having too much cake. And if she can't have more, you have to eat more for her. She's slowly letting go of this behavior, but when she gets hungry and no fruit is visible, she'll surely make herself a cake. Her parents want her to eat healthier and take a break from cakes for a while. This makes Bunny Cake sad.

You can't stand seeing her this way, so you try to cheer her up. It's been months since she last tasted a cake. And she wants to reward herself with a cake. Her parents can't let her so instead she asks you to make her one. You try to tell her no, but she jokingly pushes you inside a room. She'll keep it close until you make her a cake. Play Bunny Cake Room Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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