Escape Special Green Bob Game

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You have this neighbor next door who is like a crazy mad man in some movie. People said that this neighbor needs special attention and that He is a special child. He doesn’t think like normal people do. Your dog is lost and someone saw it with your neighbor. You went to his doorstep and knocked. He let you inside and you kindly asked for your dog’s whereabouts as you keep on talking he asked you for a snack, you kindly say no but he insisted and serve you with a meat in your table. When you grab the meat and try to eat it, you saw it has a collar and that’s when you realized that it was your dog! Oh my! You realized he is a cannibal!  He then gets the saw and give you a devil smile. Will you be in his menu tonight? In this game created by AVM games you need to escape from your crazy neighbor. Hurry before he gets you! Enjoy!


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