Escape Old Ruins Game

Escape Old Ruins

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You are a thrill seeker and you always crave for new adventure. However, this trip in the old ruins seems so boring. Your tour guide did nothing but talk all day. He is not quite entertaining and you feel like you are just wasting your time down there. So you walked in a different way from the group. You started your own tour in the old ruins but that is something that you must not do. You don't know the place that much but you still went for it. As you walk through the place, you saw a very beautiful steep ruin. You thought that it would be cool to go at the top of it and take a picture. But what you did not know is that the ruin is too old and brittle. Because of this, the ruins collapsed when you stepped there.

You passed out and when you woke up, you found yourself inside these ruins. From there, you realized that you should never escape from your tour guide. Now, you have to think of a way to escape from there. There are clues around the place that can help you to find your way out. Play Escape Old Ruins room escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City and use your logic to escape. Best of luck!


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