Diamond Forest Game

Diamond Forest

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Your dad is one of the greatest adventurers there is. Even if you're mostly left in the house with a nanny, he makes sure to bring you awesome stuffs when he comes home. You really like the stuffs that he takes home especially when he tells you the story of how he got them. You always ask your dad if you can be like him. He doesn't have a single doubt that you can be like him. However, he prefers you to not be like him. He can't live with the fact that you'll be out there on your own. But then one day, your father leaves your home for another adventure. A year passes by without news from him. You can't just sit and wait for him. So you start your  own quest. Your nanny's against it at first. Yet she sees your determination.

She doesn't want you to regret not doing anything. Then an anonymous tip arrives in the mail. It tells you to search for a diamond in the forest. You're not sure if it'll lead you to where you intend to go. But this is all the lead you have for now. Play Diamond Forest outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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