Day At Dreadful House Game

Day At Dreadful House

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It's your first day in college and you need a place to stay in. However, the in-house dormitories and too expensive and you can't afford to rent one. Luckily, you found a generous friend who lets you stay in his house.  So you got your things ready and went to where he stays. His house looks uninviting but it's free so you can't complain. Also, it is in the middle of the forest with no neighbors and far from the school. You plan to move out after you find a part-time job but for now, you are thankful that you have somewhere to stay in. Your friend seems accommodating and he left for a while to get you something to eat. So, you roamed around the house to check the place. And what you saw made your hair raised up.

There is a room full of blood. Then you saw dreadful photos hanging on the ceiling. You rushed to the exit but your new "friend" locked the door. You are in trouble. It is such and awful Day At Dreadful House. You have to find a way to escape from there before your friend comes back. Find items that can help you to unlock the door and solve all the puzzles from EnaGames. Play this brand new room escape game and end this Day At Dreadful House. Best of luck!

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