Candyland Baby Escape Game

Candyland Baby Escape

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As we all know, kids love sweets and they will do anything for candy. This is why you separate yourself with your parents while you are on Candyland. You parents want to go home but you are staying. There are still lots of things to do in the Candyland that you want to experience like the candy roller coaster ride and the candy river. You always try to hide from your parents whenever they are close to finding you. But while you are enjoying in the Candyland, you did not notice that it is about to close. Your parents also left the place thinking that you already went out of the park. It was already late when you decided to go home.

The Candyland already closed and you are still inside. This is what you get from hiding from your parents. You have no phone so you to find a way to escape from Candyland on your own. There are clues that can help you to escape from here. Find those clues and use some items that you can find in the park to escape. Candyland Baby Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by Yolk Games that you will enjoy. Have fun!

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