National Museum Escape Game

National Museum Escape

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You once saw a movie about the secrets hidden inside a national museum. It was very cool how the characters were able to solve the puzzles to get to their main goal. It would be very cool if the displays inside a real museum would do the same. This weekend, a national museum is on your list. You're really excited. And you're hoping to see the displays come to life. You went to the museum in the morning so you can explore as much as you want. There you saw a guy looking intently at one of the displays. It's like he's chanting something. You moved closer to him for you to hear. But when he noticed you, he stopped. He looked at you seriously which made you walk away. You felt freaked out by him. It's like he's communicating to someone.

You continued your exploration until nightfall. Then when it's about to close, you hid yourself among the displays. You tried your hardest not to get caught by the guards. As you're hiding, you saw the guy from earlier hiding as well. So your curiosity welled up even more. National Museum Escape is a room escape game by 143 Guys.

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