Zookeeper Escape Game

Zookeeper Escape

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Come and give this escape game a try everyone! Zookeeper Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games. Have fun with us daily.

The zoo needs it's senior zookeeper that day after for the big cats and the giant birds there needs check-up as well as maintenance. Well the zookeeper had a minor car breakage and unfortunately, it got worst so he just called for Argo to pick him up early the next day for the same reason that the zoo needs him. Argo was a confirm and when the next morning came, he arrive in the zookeepers place but weirdly, he was confused upon his arrival there.

Argo called for the zookeeper and it seems that he isn't home, wait maybe he came in late and the zookeeper already left! He is so in big trouble now so he went to the front-door in a hurry but unfortunately though the door of the zookeeper's house is locked and he thought this is another problem and he is so going to get in-trouble now. Escape players, Argo is trapped in the house of the zookeeper and the keys was nowhere to be found! Where did he exactly put it? He should have known the doors here in the place automatically locks, now he has to escape without messing everything or risk getting himself in another set of problem. Join Argo here everybody, may you be able to escape from the zookeeper's house and hopefully nobody would ever know what happened to Argo there. Good luck!

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