Zookeeper Escape 2 Game

Zookeeper Escape 2

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Zookeeper Escape 2 is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by 8b Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as a start of the series. Best of luck!

Argo was trying his best to escape from the zookeeper's house after he got trapped in it, in his head he continues to think he'll get in-trouble for this because he didn't fulfill his mission to deliver the senior zookeeper to the zoo for he is desperately needed there. Well little did he know actually that the senior zookeeper which he expected was already at the zoo for he thought maybe he got mad and went there himself, well actually he was also trapped inside the house and he is in need of a rescue too!

Argo found-out about that for he stumbled upon a room in the place as he was trying to escape and he heard the zookeeper then scrambling to get out as well! What a turn-around this is and surely, Argo is going to get the zookeeper out so they can both escape the place and eventually, maybe finding-out as well what's up. Escape players, you are welcome to check-out the second sequel here with Argo, this is now a rescue for the zookeeper in his home and that's a priority. Enjoy this everyone!

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