Zombie Warrior Escape Game

Zombie Warrior Escape

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The king is sick at the moment and as his son the prince, Michael must step in for not only the council needs a superior on their decisions for the enemy is countering their current attack, they can't decide well knowing that the king is suppose to be spearheading this move. Well Michael is already a good commander and as the next king, he must take responsibility for this. This is definitely a bad time for the king to be sick and as the enemy draws closer, Michael is being pushed to his decisions to do something to end this, so he was finally brought to a decision to use their last resort.

The kingdom has this secret weapon which is just one warrior actually, but an undying being that will continue to charge even though slowly until the enemy is finished! That warrior is a zombie and how they got the creature is a long story, but they have use it long before and it works well enough to thwart an entire battalion overnight, and plus it produces more of it in the process but when daybreak comes, the ones it produces just dies. That is how effective their monster of a warrior is and why their kingdom becomes formidable when pushed to a corner. But in-order to release it, a high-ranking royalty must get through some challenges first for there are very tough safeguards so that it won't escape and nobody can free it, but royals only. Still Michael needs help here for even though he is the only who can free it, some of the challenges indeed requires help, so will you help him free their zombie warrior escape players so they can finally win this war?

Zombie Warrior Escape is the newest point and click escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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