Zany House Escape

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There is a new challenge coming up for Kenny and that is from his boss and this time, it is to take something hidden inside this house with of course the constricts of time. Sounds pretty easy enough, for as an agent, Kenny was already experienced and he have been in such missions before and he thought he was very ready for this as well, but that’s when he heard another constraint though and it’s one that could get him in trouble. The house was smart he was told, it looks like a simple house but actually it has tech in it that would stop people from getting what it is trying to keep, and such is the item he was tasked to retrieve.

Kenny still took the mission and he was definitely ready for whatever it has and thank goodness, he was able to make the retrieval successful! But then again what he thought that would get him in trouble actually did came to realize! The house was indeed learning his every move! Now he can’t escape for the house is really keeping him in. Kenny now has the item he needs to retrieve, but he needs to escape too and this situation is making it very hard. Escape players, Kenny doesn’t want to get caught and fail his mission here, will you help him escape before somebody comes for him?

Zany House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.