Young Boy Escape From Basement Game

Young Boy Escape From Basement

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Pierce lives in a small mushroom house with his kid in the wilderness, they are on their own now for things have become very unstable in the nearby town, that's why they need to be away then or they'll get caught in the troubles there. That day, Pierce comes home from gathering and hunting for produce in the forest, but as he got to the house he noticed that the door is locked. Pierce was confused for he doesn't do that and maybe it was his kid? It is most likely but as he called for him though, he instead heard a call for help!

Pierce tried to hear what is going in there and he was able to thankfully, his boy said he is trapped in the basement and the hatch would not open! Pierce specifically told him not to go down there without him, now that he had disobeyed he definitely payed for it. But still Pierce needs to get his son out from there before he gets hurt. Escape players, want to help out here and see if you can free the boy from being trapped?

Young Boy Escape From Basement is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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