Young Alaadin Boy Escape

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Young Alaadin is an adventurous kid and he lives in the bastion where his father is and ruling over this part of the land. Alaadin is not the kind to sit around though and be royal, he likes to be with the other kids in the communities surrounding the bastion and he loves to go on adventures. That’s a mark of a person who will be great one day. But that day though he needs help, because his adventurer side got him in trouble.

Alaadin is now trapped in this house for he ventured into it for discoveries. And because he is just a boy, his strength was not enough to get himself out. Escape players, you need to help Alaadin here not only because he needs it, but also each time this young one is in trouble is also trouble for the entire place for he is the son of the ruler here. Will you be able to get him out then safely?

Young Alaadin Boy Escape is the newest point-and-click rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Young Alaadin Boy Escape

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1 year ago

Beznadziejne gry. BARDZO trudne zagadki, a za podpowiedzi trzeba “płacić” oglądaniem mnóstwa reklam. To już nie jest rozrywka umysłowa, tylko biznes – więcej oglądania reklam niż to warte. Dno.