Yellow Puppy Rescue

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Harvey journeyed around the land just to find his missing yellow dog, he just hoped it didn’t get into the forest where finding it will be extra hard. Well luckily it wasn’t, but as he found it though the little guy wasn’t actually in a good spot.

The puppy was trapped in a cage! This thing might be for wild game and the curious little creature entered it and got trapped in it. Luckily Harvey knows how to set traps so when he free this pup of his he’ll set it again. But the problem was opening it though, for he doesn’t have some things with him like a special key which this contraption requires. Escape players, want to help Harvey here free this yellow puppy from the cage safely?

Yellow Puppy Rescue is a brand new point-and-click pet rescue escape game released by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Yellow Puppy Rescue

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